ATM Arcylic Tank Manufacturing


Organics Elimination

In real estate, the saying is “location, location, location”. In aquatics, it is “organics, organics, organics”. This is because most of the common nuisances and pests in aquarium keeping can be traced right to the amount of organics present in the system.
Easily the most concentrated and powerful organics consuming bacteria product on the market, Outbreak! lives up to its name.


It’s Only Natural

The only all natural water conditioner on the market is Paradigm. As we move into the future of aquarium keeping, a premium is set on all natural solutions. ATM’s Paradigm is an innovation in dechlorinating, utilizing Vitamin C for detoxifying tap water. Vitamin C boosts immune system while aloe vera promotes natural healing. Paradigm also helps ATM Colony nitrifying bacteria stick faster to filtration media.


Back To The Basics

ATM’s Barrier is a lesson in aquarium fundamentals, bringing you this standard sodium thiosulfate formula that neutralizes chlorine and chloramine as well as heavy metals. Barrier also contains aloe vera, which replaces slime coat on fish to reduce stress and aids in attachment of ATM Colony nitrifying bacteria.


Offense And Defense

ATM Triage First Response leaps into action to address the emergency removal of ammonia toxicity in situations such as bio-filtration stalls or failures, power outages, or any other instance which results in accumulation of unwanted toxic nitrogenous compounds. Slime coat support and healthy conditions are promoted while toxic conditions are demoted.


Speed, Baby, Speed

Like all other products in our stable, Agent Green phosphate remover is formulated for maximum performance and efficiency.
Phosphate removal is a game of speed. To enjoy a true zero phosphate environment, one must remove phosphate faster than it can accumulate. Where other phosphate removers fail in this endeavor is their lack of speed of removal. Speed is what it takes to remove phosphate from the water column as well as absorbed phosphate. Only Agent Green has the speed to remove phosphate faster than it can accumulate.


It’s Alive!

It’s alive! ATM introduces Supernova Living Carbon. Combined with the awesome organics consuming power of ATM Outbreak!, this pro grade activated carbon is seeded with millions of powerhouse bacteria and their enzymes that break down organics that make their way into the carbon.
This results in a longer-lasting carbon which acts as a release point for the bacteria in Outbreak! to bring more benefit to your aquatic system. Already proven the world over for organics control, Outbreak! will replace your ordinary carbon with Living Carbon.